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I’m pretty sure I’ve written before of my love for Fall. Today is one of those wonderful days. It was rainy this morning, but right around noon it became partly cloudy, the fog broke and the temperature is a great 67 degrees. Absolutely fantastic!

Patriot Day?: Tuesday was the sixth anniversary of 9/11. That afternoon, I read a couple things that caught my attention. First was a CNN poll that asked how long we should continue to commemorate 9/11 as we do (with the reading of the names in New York, and the gatherings at the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania. I’m disturbed that we even ask this question. Maybe it’s because I lived through that time in NYC, but I want to see every 9/11 marked with the reading of names, with the twin towers of light and with the city taking a pause to recognize what it lost that day. It’s truly something that this city, and the country as a whole, should never forget. I’m happy to report that CNN’s visitors felt the same way.

In reading the comments with the poll, I saw some people refer to 9/11 as Patriot Day. I completely missed that was what the day was called. Turns out President Bush signed a bill into law back in December 2001 to do just that. I find it to be an odd name for the day because I’m not sure how that name connects to a remembrance of that day or to the thousands who died.

Dinner with the Contessa: I’m a fan of Barefoot Contessa on the Food Network. Ina Garten cooks fabulous, elegant yet pretty simple food. She’s got a great on-air style, a cool background score and is just fun to watch. Today’s show had Susan Stroman (director of Friday’s Geek Out Contact, as well as Broadway’s The Producers and the upcoming Young Frankenstein) along with “mystery guest” Mel Brooks. Two odd things here: Ina never tells the home audience who Susan is, so when she says that Susan is coming for dinner, how many Food Network viewers get that? Second, desert is port, cheese and pears. I’m sorry, I know that is elegant and chic, but Ina makes amazing deserts. If I went to the Contessa’s house for dinner, I’d be looking for one of those killer deserts I’ve seen her make on so many shows.

The Last Day: Yesterday was my last day with Princeton Review. It was bittersweet to be sure. I’m psyched with the prospects the new job holds. But I worked with some really amazing people who I will miss seeing on a daily basis. I’m still going to be doing some work for the company for a few months as I help get some of my work fully transferred over, and even do one project from start to finish (nothing wrong with a little extra cash after all). And the Ordinals hockey team continues… but that daily interaction with the people of TPR will be missed.