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Please don’t think any less of us, but Jeff and I actually went to a theatre and paid to see Dragon Wars. If you read this blog on a regular basis you’ll know that my personal taste concerning culture can sometimes be… well, questionable, but Jeff is a perfectly intelligent human being, though the fact that I didn’t drag him to see it brings that assumption into question. Anyway, the movie is CRAZY stupid (as we both expected) but we enjoyed it anyway. It’s a low budget U.S./Korean co-production about giant snake-type dragon thingies destroying L.A. The story doesn’t make a bit of sense (the movie begins with a flashback within a flashback, a HUGE storytelling no-no in my opinion) which doesn’t really matter since it’s a monster-on-the-loose movie. There’s some decent CGI, especially when the giant snake/dragon thingie and some left over creatures from Peter Jackson’s LOTR movies tear up downtown L.A. One thing in the movie did make me squeal with sheer movie geek joy. The bad guy’s main base of operations was a cave in Bronson Canyon, an L.A. location that has been featured in dozens (if not hundreds) of low budget movies over the last fifty years. That specific cave once served as the base of operations for Ro-Man in the Z-grade classic Robot Monster.