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Just minutes before the results show starts, I’m able to get my comments in for the week. I felt so bad for Jennie and Derek (pictured here from last week). It was such a beautiful quick step and then Derek slipped on the dress, the end was messed up and Jennie got bonked on the head. I’m glad the judges didn’t totally destroy their scores for that.

It was another great week. The only clunker for me was Wayne, although close behind that were Floyd and Mark. I think Floyd can do this, he just needs to find good moves. Mark is full of energy, but he’s got to find better form.

Last week’s top contestants continued to wow. Sabrina shifted fantastically from the Latin to the ballroom. Mel B, as much as I was underwhelmed last week, I thought her quick step was a pleasant surprise. Albert was also good, but I agree with Carrie Anne, his exuberance must always find a way to get out there. Marie was also stunning. Who would’ve thought she could’ve pulled off such a hot mambo.

I think the repeat dance will go to Marie (unless the judges want to be really nice and let Jennie and Derek give it another go). I think Mark will go home. He’s got the perseverance to keep pushing forward, but I think Floyd and Wayne have enough fans to keep them around a bit longer.

Results Update: BOOOOOO! Stupid voters. We’re stuck with Wayne Newton for another week and we lost Albert who had such potential and energy (not to mention the great body). How disappointing. On the upside for the week, Queen Latifah was excellent, along with the dancers who performed with her and the professional tango was hot!