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I’ve been lax posting the past couple weeks, for no real good reason. That should change as the new season gets underway tomorrow, and frankly I should be blogging about Bluestreak more too because this new cycle is quite good.

The past couple weeks of Bluestreak have been excellent. Week three’s Wednesday almost killed me. There was enough humidity outside, that my asthma was messing with me. Asthma inhaler mixed with the amped heart rate from the treadmill is not a good thing. I wasn’t getting my heard rate much below 110 between my run, and usually I get back to around 95 even after cranking up near 160. I was not feeling good, but I kept at it and it wasn’t too bad of a go. The mill has been better this week. I felt really strong on it. I feel like I’m a wee bit lower, which is good for the center of gravity. Meanwhile my strides seem to be getting longer too.

The skills zone has been really good. I’m more able to control my wrist shot, even hitting the top corners of the net–on purpose. It still doesn’t happen all the time, but it’s getting progressively better. Other nuances are coming out too, such as more understanding of how a backhand should work. We’re also starting to move more while we’re shooting, which is really good. My shot has gotten relatively consistent when I’m standing still, but shooting while moving is still a bit of a crap shoot.

Week four also brought a new coach to Bluestreak, Jimmy, Laurie’s son. He learned how to run the mill on Monday, and then taught in the skill zone on Wednesday. It’s great to see him there. Apparently he’ll be working in skills a lot, so that’s going to be fun.

Plyometrics has been getting harder. We started using the outside of the square this week for the first time (Robb actually moved on to an advanced square that we have been wondering for weeks exactly what kind of patterns you’d have to hop on it).

As I noted above, the new season starts this week. The Tigers lineup for tomorrow night just came out while I’ve been writing this. There are only 7 people on deck for tomorrow night. Wow! Talk about light attendance. It’s going to be fun though, sort of like 4am Ronnie’s Ice where you get lots of ice time. And Laurie is in charge tomorrow, which is cool.

The Ordinals don’t get started until next week, so we’re still in a holding pattern there.