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What a night for the women of Dancing With The Stars. Everyone’s hearts were with Jane, as she returned from London and her mother’s funeral. She dedicated her tango to her mom, who was a huge DWTS fan… and it was dramatic and beautiful. Jennie came out looking for redemption from last week’s fall during the quick step… and she found it in her tango. Marie continues to wow as she also unleashed a delightfully playful tango. Not to be outdone by her tango-ing co-stars, Sabrina delivered a great, fast-paced jive.

Of the men, I thought Cameron gave the best overall performance last night. He played with the judges comments from last week and went for a Clark Kent/Superman thing that was a lot of fun in his jive. Helio also continued his dominance, although there were cracks in his performance last night that kept him out of the top spot. Mark improved his performance overall, although his jive started out strong and petered out as he lost the beat towards the end. Floyd is also finding his way with the judges. I think he finally got the score he deserved for his jive.

Wayne continued to be weak. He really needs to go home this week. If it’s not him, because of fan base, I think it will end up and be Mark.

Results update: A shock to find Floyd in in the bottom two. And so glad the voters got it right this week, sending Wayne home. Seal’s “Kiss From A Rose” was beautiful with the professional dancers (this is one of mine and Will’s songs, so it was really great). And I loved that Jennie and Derek got to do that tango again.

Next week the paso doble is up… I love this dance when it’s done well (Drew Lachey!), so I hope next week is not too painful.