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Finally! Fall seems to have arrived. After a muggy week, remember last Saturday I reported the temperature was 85 degrees, the weather finally broke Thursday night. This morning when I got up at 3 to go play hockey it was 45 degrees and currently it’s 61! According to the 10 day forecast, there’s only one day that pokes into the 70s (and that’s only 72).

Sex & The City in the City: The Sex & The City movie has been shooting in midtown the past couple weeks, and Josh & Josh have been on the trail becoming virtual movie set stalkers. They hit paydirt on Friday catching up with the shoot around Bryant Park (a mere two blocks from where I work now). They shot some awesome pictures and posted it all on their blog. Check out their view from the SATC set. Note, picture credit here goes to Josh K exclusively for Josh & Josh (way to go guys getting picked up by the movie blog too).

Hulk in the City: Word is Hulk 2 is shooting in our neighborhood, although we’ve yet to see it. This time out Edward Norton is Bruce Banner/Hulk. We’ll keep an eye out and let you know if we see anything.

Abby for Marriage: Cheryl sent this article over, which was nice to see in the headlines. “‘Dear Abby’ Author Supports Gay Marriage” hit the wire on the 10th as Jeanne Phillips, the current Dear Abby, was honored by Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) for her position and support of gay youth. Phillips’ mom, by the way, is the original Dear Abby.

New Blog Tools: We’re making it easier for you to share your favorite Jeff & Will items. We’ve added a link in the right so you can easily add our feed to your favorite reader. In addition, each post has a bookmark link so you can add it easily to your browser’s favorites, or to one of the many social bookmark sites like Digg,, and so on. Enjoy!

New Basil on the Way: It has only been a week since Will replanted the AeroGarden and it is growing crazy fast. Remember in the first garden, a couple of the pods never came up? Now all seven pods have sprouted and within the next couple days some of the covers are going to come off too. That means the first harvest is probably only four or five weeks away. Mmmm… pesto!!!

No Love for “One of the Living”: You know how you can just get the bug to hear a certain song? I’ve been having that for a few weeks for Tina Turner’s “One of the Living.” This was one of two songs Tina did for Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and is the one that plays over the opening credits. Of course, “We Don’t Need Another Hero” was the more popular of the two songs, but “One of the Living” did win a Grammy for Best Rock Vocal Female that year. “We Don’t Need Another Hero” has been released a lot on Tina’s many hit collections, but not so for this song, which is also not available on iTunes because the Thunderdome soundtrack isn’t. I took matters into my own hands last weekend. Thunderdome was on AMC and I recorded the movie and then transferred the audio from the opening into the computer. Sadly, it’s not the entire song, but at least I’ve got something for the iPod now. The video is on YouTube, so I share it here just to promote this song a bit… I’d love to see it crop up on iTunes soon so I can have the whole thing!

Reading Time: The new job has proven to have only one downside so far, my reading time has gone to nearly nil. My transit time has been cut by more than half to the new gig. Most of my reading time was on the subway. But in three weeks in the new job, I’m not even through the latest issue of Vanity Fair yet. I’ve got to do something to find more reading time…