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The Ordinals and Wizards both got opened their seasons to losses last night.

First up was the Wizards vs. Hegemony game. This season I’m a officially rostered Wizards player since the new split of the divisions separated the Ordinals and the Wizards. So, I’ve made the insane choice to be rostered on three teams. I was a winger for the Wizards, not my most comfortable position, and I did pretty decent at getting the puck out of the defensive zone and I even got one breakaway that resulted in a pretty solid shot on net (had someone come in with me to pickup the rebound, there might have been a goal). Sadly, this game ended in a 3-0 loss.

Next, the Ordinals started off against the Hornets. They were a tough team last year and are again. We held tight in the first two periods–for a while it was a 4-3 game. Unfortunately, we got a little too aggressive on offense and sort of forgot that we needed to have some defense as well. We left poor Jeff in net for a couple of 3 against none attacks. With the amped up play in 7A, Doug pointed out we should become a more defensive minded team so that we can keep games to a couple goal deficit instead of 6 like we ended up last night (it was an 8-3 loss, with those last four points coming in the third period).

I have to say the morning at Ronnie’s Ice was great. Another small crowd so we played a small ice game during drills, which I love because it really makes you think. And then we played full-ice four-on-four for the scrimmage. Over the last couple weeks, the twins have started passing to me which is really cool. Often they would pass between themselves, but I guess I’ve proven I can make some good choices (and even score, and set up goals sometimes) and they’ve started passing more… that’s really cool!

Next week the Wizards and Tigers are in play… back-to-back games next week, which I like a lot.