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Readers of the Dancing with the Stars reports from last season know I have a thing for the paso doble. It’s a fiery, sexy dance that when done well can be absolutely dazzling, electrifying and emotional. When done poorly, it’s nothing short of a disaster. Drew Lachey in season 2 set the standard for DWTS Pasos. Last season, of all the competitors, only two stood out with Apolo and Laila and before that Mario had a good one too. Last night, three of the four pasos were simply superb.

Sabrina and Mark continue to set the bar high, and they nailed a perfect score for their paso set to Dead or Alive’s “You Spin Me ‘Round.” Cameron and Edyta took on the Superman theme, continuing to play on Cameron’s look. Jennie and Derek unleashed their paso to the tune of “Because We Can” from Moulin Rouge. I was ecstatic for them all and there scores were deserved. Floyd’s paso on the other hand, completely underwhelmed me (it ranked as disaster) and yet the judges felt it was his best effort. I just don’t get it.

The other dance on deck last night, for the first time in the competition, was the Viennese Waltz. These were beautiful, led by Marie and Jonathan and Jane and Tony. Melanie continues to be impressive too as she keeps showing that she can be quite the graceful lady. The men were less impressive here. Mark and Helio, while doing okay, just didn’t have the charm of the women stars doing the waltz.

In terms of going home, I think it’s Mark and Floyd in the bottom two and it’s Mark’s week to go home.

Results update: The bottom two was surprising. I’m not sure how Mel ended up down there because she has been doing so well (another example of voter delusion). At least the right person went home with Floyd (my second choice for the night as noted above). Good night of performances too. The backup singers stepping in for Gloria Estefan (she flew back to Miami to be with her mom who had emergency surgery) did a great number with some of the professionals. Then Wayne Newton sang for Cheryl and Drew (always great to see them back). The clunker of the evening was the performance by Wayne Robinson… ick (Will called it “so stupid it hurt.”).