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Another difficult week at Bluestreak.

Monday was exhausting. The treadmill was difficult, with a lot of it happening on a 20% plus grade. It went well though. Even though I was wearing the additional cable, I was doing good at keeping up and not having to have the cable keep me forward on the mill. Skills was decent. I’m getting better at the saucer passes, which are starting to come in handy in games to get passes across the ice and over people’s sticks at close range. Plyos on Monday was the major killer. We were on the plyo presses using weights and doing other leg work. It left me completely wiped.

I don’t think I fully recovered by Wednesday. I was tired on Wednesday, and feeling a bit under the weather (I started in with a bit of a cold on Wednesday afternoon), and it made it difficult to do Bluestreak well. I was, unfortunately, very reliant on the additional cable on the mill. I was mediocre up in skills. I kept getting all the components of the shots down, but had a very hard time putting it all together… most of the shots were each missing something. I suspect I should have called in on Wednesday with the combo of tired plus feeling the bit sick… I hope Monday I am back to full strength.