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It was exciting to play with the Wizards this week as they won their first game of the season. It’s an important season as they look to turn the team around from the Spring season’s 1-16 record. It was a 2-1 game against the Rampaging Moose. I was back on D this week, so I felt more comfortable, and the team seemed to find better rhythm this week too. I had a blast!

The Tigers game was disappointing. We held tight with the Hotshots for a while, but the team fell into some old/bad habits and it fell apart, resulting in a 4-2 loss. We had wings not minding points, we had people making blind passes, we had wingers not paying attention to when defensive players made a rush. I felt the worst for Al, one of our new players and the guy who scored the first goal of the season. The folks on the opposite side of the ice from him were just not watching. He was open a lot, banging his stick to indicate his openness and time and again no one paid attention because they just weren’t looking up to figure out what to do. My personal most frustrating moment was while making a late third-period rush (it turned out to be my last shift of the game). I got past two of the Hotshots, but I got shut down because one of my own teammates went off sides. Hopefully the team learned a few things from this game and we can incorporate them next week… especially looking for the good passes to teammates who are open.

Ronnie’s Ice in the morning was a blast. We worked a cool breakout/defensive drill that I’d never done before. We also did a short ice game, which I always love. Those wear me out, but it’s great because it really makes you think about positioning and passing. The scrimmage, just like the past couple of weeks, was a lot o fun. I scored again on Tommy and played on the same team as Roman. It was great to play with him again, he even set me up for the goal.

Next week, I have the potential to play four times on Saturday: Ronnie’s, plus games with the Ordinals, Tigers and Wizards. I’m looking forward to it!