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Things were so good last week, and my how fortunes can change.

This week the Ordinals and Tigers lost.

First up, the Tigers lost 3-1 to the Sled Dogs. Things just didn’t gel for the team this week. Positioning was all out of whack, especially with the forwards who just couldn’t generate might. It was not a successful game for me individually either since I was on the ice for all three goals. I did have some solid shots from the blue line though. Jimmy watched the game again this week and said I was looking better than I had last week, so I guess some of what he tried to get into my brain on Wednesday stuck to a degree.

On the Ordinals side, it was a 5-2 loss to the Knights. Sadly, only two of the goals were directly caused by the Knights. Two of them got put in to our own net by one of our own players nearly back-to-back. We were also responsible for another goal later, another deflection into the net. We just couldn’t get it back. To make it worse, the team fell back into some old patterns of not playing as a team, but more as individuals. That strategy never works for us. This was a better personal game, but very disappointing for the team after we looked so good last week against the Blizzard.