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Thanks to everyone who sent Birthday wishes. The big day was relatively low-key, Jeff did surprise me though with some books from Oscar Wilde. He’s such a sweetie.

I just started reading Suzanne Brockman’s All Through the Night. I’ve never read any of her stuff before, but I picked up her recent Christmas novella because her long-running secondary character, Jules Cassidy, finally gets his own story. All Through the Night is about Jules marrying the man of his dreams and the mayhem that ensues. Not only is Brockmann a bestselling author, she’s a kick-ass PFLAG mom too! All of the proceeds from the novella are going to MassEquality. I plan on going to her reception/reading/book signing Tuesday night at The Center. I’m looking forward to hearing her speak. Click here for a nice interview AfterElton did with her a short while ago.

If you have been keeping up with our NaNoWriMo progress, you may have noticed that Jeff is far, far ahead of me. I used my birthday as an excuse to start NaNo a little bit late. I may not have been putting words on paper, but my plot has definitely been percolating. I’ll blog about my progress later this week. Apparently, Jeff and I aren’t the only ones taking the literary plunge this year, my sister is giving it a try (Jess are you out there? How’s it going?) as well as Will at Soliloqueer. Good luck to everyone participating! Keep those words coming!