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In the aftermath of Sabrina’s unexpected departure last week, everyone worked to step it up a notch. It was especially important since everyone had to do two dances this week—a Latin and a ballroom.

None did it better than Jennie and Derek. They delivered a Viennese Waltz (that’s them doing it on the left) that made me cry a bit and a Rumba that was perfectly romantic. They gave their best dances of the season, and the judges rewarded them, especially in the Rumba.

The other excellent performance last night came from Mel & Maks. That paso doble was incredible (pictured at right). As you well know if you read my Dancing posts, all Pasos are compared to Drew and Cheryl from season 2. Mel and Maks are now in the elite group of Pasos I absolutely love and can watch again and again (it’s going on a DVD so I have it for future watching). It was perfection and they deserved that 30! And, they also had a lovely foxtrot.

As for the rest of the crowd last night

  • Helio did a solid tango and samba, though the samba was clearly more his speed. For better or worse though, I continue to not be a fan.
  • Marie delivered her best dances to date with the quickstep and the cha cha. It was nice to see her top the leader board at the end of the ballroom round.
  • Cameron was a little to jumpy last night. I felt like he was more flash than true performance in both his Quickstep and Jive.
  • Jane was okay. Technically she was great and continued to be full of good technique and grace. Unfortunately there is little to no pop in her performances, especially in the Latin numbers.

It’s a really tight scoreboard with Mel and Maks at the top with 54 out of 60 and Jane and Tony at the bottom with 50. Clearly the viewer votes will make all the difference again tonight. I think Jane is definitely bottom two. The other slot is harder to call. I’m going with Cameron in a repeat performance of last week. I think the viewers will recognize Jane’s lack of pop and send her on her way. Of course I could be wildly wrong here and we could all be surprised again. Hopefully everyone has learned their lesson about how to vote.

Results Show Update: Hard to say if I got the bottom two right since they didn’t reveal that tonight, but I did get it right that Jane should go home. Next week it’s two dances again with just three weeks left to go before the finale!