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Cheryl posted a large post today about Rufus’ adventures in Alabama. That naked mole rat has done it all in his weeks down south, including going to a University of Alabama football game, attending church with the family and even taking in Hairspray. You can check out all of the “Adventures with Rufus…” over on Cheryl’s blog. It is an awesome time.

Meanwhile, back here in NYC, I took my first skate on the Pond in Bryant Park today. It was sooooooo fun! I met up with my Wizards teammate Robb, who works across the street from the park. We skated for about an hour and I have to say I felt like I was in Charlie Brown’s Christmas just by going round and round and not having a care in the world for that hour. (The only problem was the music which was very Musak-esque and just not that good… I’ve heard better days that I’ve been passing through the park.)

I think I’m going back tomorrow with people from work. Yay for winter!