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I finished my second Bluestreak cycle this past Monday on a pretty solid note. The post test showed mostly improvements. The improvements weren’t as large as after the first cycle, which would be expected; but there were improvements nonetheless. What the post test doesn’t look at is my shooting, which has continued to get stronger. I need to make that more consistent in an actual game, but it is getting there. I also need to practice, practice, practice on the slap shot since I only figured that out in the last two sessions.

I’m looking forward to getting my post-cycle package of details, which will also show what’s gone on with my skating. It seems strong in games and I was definitely doing a lot more hardcore work on the mill this session, so I’m looking to see some good results.

Now I have to figure out if/when I’m going back. I’d certainly like to, it’s a matter of time and cash.