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I’ve been a little lax in posting about games, completely missing the post from the games on November 10. So here’s a brief recap on the 10th and the 17th.

November 10 was another day of losses, but also of really well played games. The Wizards lost in overtime, 3-2 against the Hornets. It was an exciting, fast-paced game that was back and forth the whole time. The Tigers also lost to the powerhouse Hotshots 0-2. Again, this was a solid effort for the Tigers with several shots on goal that just weren’t converted. Both games were fun, and I felt like I was playing pretty good.

Last night, the Ordinals had a 6-4 win over the Moose. I didn’t play in this game last night because of Laurie’s fabulous birthday party, which I’ll write about in another post. The team though was stocked with strong players and they held with the Hornets. That should help us up a bit in the standings and it does get us back to an even record with 2-2.

I got begged to play with the Wizards last night as they battled the Blizzard (my intention was to only be at the party). We had about half the players the Blizzard did and, while we opened strong, we got tired by the third. The loss was only 5-3 and it was a solid effort on the Wizards part. I got hurt in the game, taking a slap shot into the foot, which had me sitting for about five minutes trying to get my foot back into working order. For a game I didn’t want to play, it turned out to be pretty fun none the less.

Next week all teams are off for Thanksgiving and I’ll be picking up a scrimmage on Sunday. The next league game is on December 1 with only the Ordinals in play that week.