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I’ve met a lot of great people while I’ve played over the past five years. None of been a more consistent friend and teammate than Laurie Woods. We joined up on the Tigers at the same time in Spring 2002 and have played together in D8 ever since. She’s also the one who got me turned on to Ronnie’s Ice, which has been a valuable practice venue.

Laurie turns 60 today and last night there was a great party for her at the rink. It started off with a scrimmage for 80 minutes made up of a members of the Tigers, the Blades (Laurie’s women’s league team), people from Ronnie’s Ice and her two sons. Even our usual refs got into it, taking turns playing and ref’ing the game. I had the fun of working with her younger son (and my Bluestreak coach) Jimmy on putting the music together to make the soundtrack for the scrimmage and the party.

I think this was the best game I’ve ever been a part of. All these people out here celebrating Laurie’s birthday and just having a good time. Frankly, it was as much moving as it was fun. It was an honor to be part of the evening–the scrimmage and the party afterwards. I hope I’m as vibrant and active as Laurie is when I turn 60.