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Wow. This was the most amazing week of Dancing With the Stars ever. Everyone performed so wonderfully, and so very nearly perfect.

Heilo & Julianne and Mel & Maks both had perfect scores for the night. Now, we all know I’m not a Heilo fan, but his dances were spot on with great technique and performance. Mel and Maks though… Well, if it was possible to get 11 out of 10, I’d give it to them. The did a brand new paso that was just as dazzling as the first. Their Viennese waltz was beautiful, romantic, emotional.. and Mel’s walking splits were amazing!

Jeannie and Derek came in third for the night with 58. Their tango wowed, Len who gave it a 10; but Carrie Anne and Bruno dropped back to 9s. I thought it was excellent, the power and chemistry between her and Derek was intense. The cha cha, which got them their first perfect score was terrific. It was awesome to see Jeannie really let go.

Marie and Jonathan, back in last place with a 56, were also very strong tonight. Their quickstep was perfection (and boo to Bruno for giving it a 9 instead of a 10 like the other two). It was a beautiful, old school ballroom moment. Their mambo was just fun and a chance for Marie to show she could also cut loose too.

Who goes home? I don’t know what to call here. In my perfect world, it’s Helio–and who knows, it could happen in this kooky season where Sabrina and Mark were sent home. I think the go home though is between Jeannie and Marie. If it’s based on technique, Marie goes home. If it’s a fan base thing, I think Jeannie goes home. I know, I just listed three people. To pick one, it pains me to say, I think it will be Jeannie (which is too bad because I’ve enjoyed her and hottie Derek quite a lot).

Results update: Well, it’s one of those that I’m sorry to have gotten right, Jeannie did go home. I was hoping as it was down to her and Helio that an upset would happen, but no. I am so glad she got to do the encore dance tonight before she was sent home. Overall, it was a great show tonight. Mark and Sabrina were back and looked amazing (still can’t believe they are not in the final, especially after seeing that performance).

Next week, it’s the finals. I stand by my choice of Mel B as the winner!