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Here we are at the finals and for me it’s all about Mel and Maks this week. They are my pick to win… I gave them all my votes tonight and now it’s down to how the rest of America votes.

The first round of competition tonight was a lot of fun as the dancers had to take on a dance picked by the judges, one that they had been not-so-good-at the first time. Mel and Maks came back with a great Cha Cha. Marie and Jonathan got to redo the Samba, which is the dance that Marie fainted after. They did a great job. Heilo and Julianne redid the jive, but that still fell flat. The jive is just not Heilo’s friend.

The freestyle round was just odd and disappointing. This is supposed to be a round where you show off everything you’ve learned over the past 10 weeks. Yes, I’m not a Heilo fan but he delivered the best freestyle… truly a freestyle that showed off a lot and there were some great cartwheels there. Mel and Maks did a solid job, but it was a weird and a disjointed number. Meanwhile, Marie’s doll number was cute but it was more performance art than ballroom.

The final competition is between Mel and Heilo. I think Marie will get vote off tomorrow first thing. The finals should be fun. Celine Dion is singing… oh please can there be a ballroom dance to “My Heart Will Go On”?!?

Finale Show Update: How happy was I that within the first 10 minutes of the show that Celine was belting out the Titanic song. The dance was beautiful. The whole thing gave me goosebumps.

And Heilo took home the mirror ball. Even though I’m not his biggest fan, I’m okay with the choice because a great dancer won. I still think Mel is slightly better than he is, but overall it really could have gone either way. As much as I’ve enjoyed Marie, it was right that she stayed in third–great entertainer but only a good dancer.

The results show was good. I was skeptical about a two-hour finale, but since they had everyone back to dancer their favorite numbers that provided an excellent way to pass the time.

DWTS is due back in the spring. And starting January 7 is Dance Wars: Bruno vs. Carrie Anne and hosted by Drew Lachey. It pits two dancing/singing groups against each other. I can’t wait!