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Quite the night last night with some big wins for two teams, and a third team that picked up a win as well.

The night started with a 9-0 win for the Wizards against the Moose. It was great to play again with Andrej, at one point I could actually taste an assist coming at one point as I fed him the puck from the blueline, but alas that wasn’t to be. Didn’t matter though since we picked up 9 other goals. It was great. The team played awesome! Good passing, good back checking. It was a treat to play in that game.

The Ordinals was the second game of the night. We took on the Wild Turkeys and beat them 6-2. It was very close for a while. When we were at 3-0 the Turkeys poured it on and caught us off guard bringing the score to 3-2. Once we were ahead, we tended to get a little too fancy with the puck rather than playing the fundamental game we are successful at. Luckily we got back to that late in the third and managed to bring in 3 goals in about five minutes. That was truly great to see. We also had Michael back with us last night since he was home for the weekend and it was fun to have him on the ice with us again. One of the things we have to work on is playing at a consistent level. If we’d played the whole game at the level that we’d played against the Hornets last week, it would’ve been an even larger victory for us.

The Tigers, meanwhile, also had a victory last night, beating the Sled Dogs 4-3. I didn’t get to play with them since the Tigers and Ordinals games were at the same time, but it was good to hear they had a victory.

Next week the Ordinals and Tigers are in play while the Wizards have the week off.