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I love a good Christmas special. It needs to be fun … it needs to have a great seasonal message to make you think about and it’s always good if it can get you worked up emotionally too. A Very Possible Christmas has all that. It debuted in 2003 as part of my favorite animated spy heroine series Kim Possible. I have loved it ever since and have it on DVD so I can watch it in the off-season too.

Kim, as we learn, loves Christmas with her family. When arch villain Dr. Drakken decides to make mischief on the holiday, Kim’s sidekick Ron decides his gift to Kim will be to take care of Drakken so Kim can have a family Christmas. Of course, not everything goes as it should, so Kim has to rescue Ron and in a unique turn the Possibles along with Ron and Rufus and Drakken and Shego all enjoy the holiday together.

How’s that possible? Ron and Dr. D bond over the cancellation of the Snowman Hank Christmas special. In our world that’s as if A Charlie Brown Christmas hadn’t aired. As Drakken says, “I can tell you this, in the little TV in my heart, Snowman Hank will play forever.”

And speaking of A Charlie Brown Christmas, there is a nod to that classic here as well as Dr. D says Sally Brown’s famous line: “All I want is what’s coming to me. All I want is my fair share.”

Here’s a small sample of the holiday merriment, courtesy of YouTube.

You can catch the magic on Disney Channel at the following times over the next couple of weeks (all times Eastern): December 14: 1:30PM, December 15: 12:30AM, December 24: 1:30PM, December 25: 12:30AM and 1:30PM, December 26: 12:30AM.