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The Ordinals had another huge victory this week as we defeated the Blizzard 9-4. It was an amazing night with seven people scoring the 9 goals. Each of the three forward lines had scoring as did one of the D. And we did all this with a fuller than normal bench (we had 15 people, which we nearly never have). We even had two people–Evan and Steve–making their first Ordinals goals. The team couldn’t have asked for a better holiday gift. We’ve jumped to a winning record (4-3-0) and are currently third in the division (out of eight teams). The next two weeks will be critical as we try to get through the holiday weeks and potentially short benches.

The Tigers didn’t fare as well last night as we let the Rockets have their first win of the season. It was a 2-1 overtime loss for the Tigers. It was a fairly solid game all the way, but we suffered from a couple of errors that shouldn’t have happened for both goals.

Ronnie’s was super fun in the morning too. It was a real small crew, just 9. We did a great penalty kill exercise that I played D on. Scrimmage was great with 3 on 3, both sides shooting on Tommy (so we had to take the puck over the blueline and bring it back in). This is a great scrimmage to really teach about space and passing. I scored twice on Tommy, once picking up my own rebound and the other time was a right place/right time moment.

I did get hurt yesterday morning unfortunately, that knocked about 15-20 minutes out of the scrimmage for me. I was fighting Roman for the puck and managed to slam myself into the boards with my left knee taking the entire force. Luckily I hit straight on so there was no twisting. But it did break the skin, leaving blood in my pad. I ended up going off-ice for a bit to ice it. I iced it periodically during yesterday and put my brace on it to play last night. It is a bit swollen today, but is functioning pretty well. I suspect there’ll be a nasty bruise for most of the week.

Next week, no Ronnie’s since it goes late for the holiday weekend. But, for some odd reason, Sky Rink leagues aren’t taking the weekend off and I’ve got all three teams in play next week. Yay!