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Yes, I know that I’ve become one of those bloggers that has no life and only posts third party clips (I’m okay with that) but here is a video that just has to be seen! It is a sure cure for the Winter/holiday blahs. If this doesn’t at least make you smile, then there’s no hope for you. Warning: Slightly NSFW due to mild use of the F-word (no, not that F-Word).

An update from Jeff: I got a little obsessed with this song and had to track it down because I wanted to buy it. Turns out you can’t buy this version of the song. This is a dance/club mix of a song from a show called Jerry Springer: The Opera, which was a major hit in London a couple years ago (and gets a concert staging at Carnegie Hall next month with Harvey Keitel in the role of Jerry Springer). Here’s a clip from the London Cast… it’s a hoot too… the girl just wants to dance… pole dance.