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Mix Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings together and suck all the emotion and life out of it and you just might get The Golden Compass. It’s sad really because I wanted to like this movie. The trailers gave hope for some new, great adventure. But it all felt like a re-tread of things done much better. I didn’t really care about the girl’s adventure or what her McGadget could to (that’s Will’s fun term for the compass). The only plot element I found interesting was the daemons, the souls that accompany these characters through life that take the form of animals. The connection is not fully explored here as it seems to be a major component of the His Dark Materials trilogy. I guess I’ll never know because even if the next two parts are made (which I’ve read recently may not happen since the first isn’t exactly a box office hit), I doubt I’ll partake since the first was such a bore.