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It was a better night for hockey last night since 1 of the 2 games was a winner.

The Wizards had a great win, 7-1, against the Hornets. This was a good victory for the Wizards to get since earlier in the season the Wizards gave the Hornets their first (and so far only) win of the season. The team played great last night, lots of good teamwork and even though we were short benched with only 10 players the energy level stayed high. Ultimately we wore out most of the Hornets, who had an even shorter bench.

The Ordinals stayed in their holiday slump though. We were short benched also, with 10. Even though it was a solid lineup of players, we couldn’t survive the onslaught of the Knights who had a full complement of players. The first couple of periods were good and we stayed in the game–at the end of the second the score was 7-4. But in the third we just wore out, with the score ending up at 12-4. It was disappointing, but we gave it everything we had. I think if we had one more forward line it could’ve been a different story.

Next week all three teams are in play… plus I get the unusual mid-week skate with a scrimmage on Tuesday night.