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It was a good day for hockey yesterday. It was a three-game night, plus I did Ronnie’s in the morning as well so that made for lots of play.

The Ordinals game back from their holiday slump with a great game against the Moose. It was a back and forth game–we’d score, they’d score, we’d score, they’d score and so on. Finally we brought in the winning goal with 1:25 left in regulation play for a 4-3 win. The team played solid last night and we had a full compliment of players too, which helped us keep good energy. The scoring was nicely spread too, which I like so that the game isn’t all on one person. Andrew even ended up with a penalty shot, which he nailed. Next week we take on the Canucks. We’ve beaten the Blizzard twice this season so maybe we can take on the Canucks and bring in our first win against them.

The Tigers had a great game, taking down the Rockets by a score of 8-2. Daniel had 4 or 5 goals, which was absolutely incredible, and I picked up an assist on one of those. Meanwhile, I scored too. It was a rush that started deep in the defensive zone, I steered my way past a forward or two and the defenseman to shoot on the right-side face off dot and got it past Craig. I’d made a couple of rushes before that and couldn’t get the shot past him, but third time was the charm. I was thrilled… it was very Bluestreak. (And this was the third of the night’s game, so I was very happy to find that I had the energy for those rushes!)

Sadly the Wizards had the loosing game of the night against the Blizzard, going down 4-2. Even though this was the first game of the evening, this was my weakest. I was on the ice and played a part in allowing 3 of the 4 goals in for the opposing team. I couldn’t find my rhythm and wasn’t reading plays all that well either. I’m certainly glad the night got better after this one.

Ronnie’s Ice had a great scrimmage as well. We played 4-on-4 with only two people on the bench at a time, so there was a lot of ice time. In addition, we played one of the short ice games during the drills portion. Luckily I was able to skate. I left the house at 3:20 without my skates and didn’t figure that out until I got there and they weren’t in my locker. Luckily one of the parents with a car brought me back downtown to get them so I didn’t have to deal with all the cab fare. This week I just left my skates in my locker… it’s a busy week at work and getting time for Bryant Park seems unlikely, so better to just leave them safe and sound.

Next week, as noted, the Ordinals play the Canucks. The Tigers also play, but the Wizards are off. I’m definitely in the Ordinals game, but maybe not for the Tigers as I’m trying to go to the Rangers/Canadians game Saturday night.