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Ten days in the new year and I’ve finally gotten around to writing about the goals for the year. I did pretty good on the ones I wrote about last year. Here’s a brief recap:

  • Better fitness: This was a mixed to good result. I was more consistent with working out, and some of that involved some hardcore hockey training. My stamina increased throughout the year to where I was playing more hockey than ever–two, three and sometimes four games in a Saturday and actually having the energy to do it pretty well.
  • Complete Neutral Zone: I did work on the novel through the year and the second draft did get done… moving right into the third, so it’s not completed yet.
  • More fiction: There was more fiction. I did submit to some anthologies, and got accepted by one. I also did NaNoWriMo to completion again (though I wasn’t as happy with what I produced in 2007 as I was in ’06).
  • Volunteering: I failed on this. I could never quite get the time between the hockey training, which was two to three nights a week, along with the insanity that was work until I changed jobs in September.
  • Hockey: I was looking for a better shot, and the training helped me find it. I’m still working to make it consistent, especially to be able to use it in a game (there’s a big difference between being in a controlled, coached environment and being able to use it reliably in game play).

It may be kind of boring, but I’m looking for much the same in 2008.

  • Still better fitness: Even with the training and gym time in 2007, I still didn’t loose the enough of the stomach that I have. Yes, I am a stress eater and before the new job the stress was running high. Now that that is under control, the eating is more under control. Continued gym, hockey and sensible eating should get me trimmed up in ’08.
  • Neutral Zone continues: I’ve started draft three, having recently figured out how to solve the structural problems I was having with the story. I’m also shifting the POV because I think it will work better. I’m not going to say it’s going to be finished that year, though it would be nice. But work will be on a consistent pace. And, again, I want to try for some anthologies too.
  • Volunteering: This must happen. I’m looking at some options to decide where I most what to give my time and energies.
  • Hockey: Of course this keeps going. My game continues to improve and I want it to continue to do so. I actually scored in one of the games this past week and it was very exciting. Since I’m mostly a defenseman, the opportunities to score are slightly less but I want to make sure I’m skilled enough to capitalize on them when they turn up.
  • Vacation: Is it bad to have vacation as a goal? Hope not, because it is one. Last year we didn’t travel due to a combination of lack of time (again, the job got in the way) and being fiscally responsible (which was a good thing). This year there will be a trip… we are in the planning stages now and as soon as it’s settled we’ll talk more about it.

So there you have it… the goals of 2008.