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I was one of four, maybe five, people that actually watched Steven Bochco’s 1990 series Cop Rock. And I suspect I was one of even a fewer number that made it through all 13 episodes, and I have the video tapes to prove it. The show, as probably everyone knows, was Hill Street Blues done as a musical where cops, thugs, the mayor and anyone else could burst into song at any time. And while everyone else was panning the show, I loved it. It was a strong cop show and it’s core with some pretty decent songs thrown in the mix that helped move the plot along.

Here are a couple examples… in an homage to Hill Street the first episode featured the typical roll call set up, complete with the Sergeant’s call to “Let’s Be Careful Out There.”

And here is a poignant (and often ragged on) song from a crack mom and she prepares to sell her child so she can get more drugs.

Every now and then this series crops up on cable somewhere. It was part of Trio’s Brilliant But Cancelled, VH1 and A&E have also shown the series. My question is, where is the DVD? Everything ends up on DVD eventually. Let’s get this on DVD too.