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For the first time since I started playing in 2002, I was sidelined this weekend because I was sick. I hated it. Any weekend without at least some hockey always makes me a bit unhappy, to miss for being sick was even worse. I’d had the cough for a few weeks and finally went to the doctor. Turns out it was a bit of bronchitis and the doctor didn’t want me to play (or hit the gym) until I could go 24 hours without sounding like I was going to cough up a lung. Ugh! The doc, by the way, did chastise me heavily for playing four times last weekend with the cough, especially with the asthma I already have.

I did bench coach the Ordinals this week since I was feeling fine except for the cough. The Ordinals went up against the Canucks for the first time this season. We lost (3-5), but it was a solid effort and our smallest goal differential against that team yet. We had some glitches in defense with people out of position and not covering the slot enough. Our biggest problem though was that we were often a step behind the Canucks. I feel we were skating as hard and fast as we could, we just couldn’t catch them. We see them a couple more times this season and I’m hoping we finally take them down like we did the Blizzard. We need to be in the top 4 to make the playoffs, so we’re going to have to play some excellent hockey in the next few weeks to get there.

The Tigers also played last night, but I skipped that game all together… and would’ve even if I was healthy because I went to the Rangers/Montreal game. The Tigers had a solid game from all reports. Daniel scored another 4 goals (he’s playing just amazing lately), but the team lost 7-5.

Hopefully I’m able to get back on the ice next weekend because all three teams are playing.