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It was a difficult night. I’m not sure why the losses often come in threes, but that was the case yesterday. The silver lining to that was two of them were close games.

The Tigers went against the Sled Dogs and lost 0-1. The Sled Dogs got a bit of a trash goal in the first half of the game and the Tigers could never get it back, even though we were all trying our mightiest to do so. I had a couple of good runs at the net, but just couldn’t convert. Twice I got leveled by Sled Dogs, and one of those brought a penalty to them for taking me into the boards. It was a fun game to play and the team, I thought, did really well.

The Wizards also had a close game, losing to Hockey Hegemony 2-3 in an overtime shoot out. The shoot out went on a long time, 8 or 9 guys from each side going before one of the opponents finally put one in. This was a super fast, hard working game. I played wing here last night, which is not one of my favorite positions. But I did okay I thought, no one offered up any complaints anyway and the line mates were great. I even picked up an assist last night.

So that leaves the Ordinals with the bloodbath. We lost to the Hornets 0-9. We started out good in the first period. In fact I think that period ended with a score of 0-1 (maybe 0-2). But in the second we just got out of whack, including a penalty kill were we sent everyone in to the offensive zone and as you might expect… we got burned by that. There was a lot of out of position play and a collapse for a while of our passing game. It was all very unfortunate. I don’t think we can make playoffs at this point, right now it will be a fight to not come in last (back when we were one division in 7 we used to come in 8 of 12 and we don’t want to be 8th this time because that means we’d drop to 7B).

I was apparently back in shape this week. I did all three games plus Ronnie’s in the morning and my breathing was good and my energy seemed to stay up (which it had to in that Wizards game!).

Next week all three teams are in play again…