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It was a two for three night last night as the Ordinals and Wizards came up with wins while the Tigers held pretty tough against the Hotshots, but lost anyway.
The Ordinals went against the Wild Turkeys and came up victorious in a 4-3 game. It was a tense one as the score kept going back and forth, but we came up with the winning goal with just a couple minutes to go in the third. The team found its passing game again and that helped a lot because we always play better when we are passing. Next week will be interesting as we’re back with the Canucks. Currenly I’m struggling over finding a goalie becuase John and Peter are both not available… so it could be a stressful week dealing with that. I’ve already been turned down a couple times becuase folks have plans. So we’ll see what happens.

The Wizards had a great 5-1 win over the Rampaging Moose. I felt really solid in this game, and even picked up an assist. It was a hard working game, but it was really solid for me… I seemed to make mostly right choices and was even able to shut Colin down twice (he’s someone I hate to see coming directly at me). I was paired up with Ian again last night too. He and I have been a pair a few times this season and it’s great playing with him we work well together. I’m sad I have to miss the next two Wizards games because they happen at the same time as Ordinals games.

Meeting up with the Hotshots is always a bit daunting since they are at the top of the division. We started out looking a little rough, but by the third we were in a good rhythm and the 3-5 loss was none too bad. There were some great moves by the first line that put up a couple goals and fired up the team to push hard in those last 15 minutes. Defensive play was on the tough side as we had someone on D who wasn’t used to the position, leaving the other three of us to work hard. It certainly exhausted me as I was moving a lot to, at times, cover more ice than I might normally. But it was still a fun time! Next week the Tigers are against the Rockets again.