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I asked for some Tanya Huff Blood Ties books for Christmas because I enjoyed the series that Lifetime created based on them. I just finished up the first one, Blood Price today. The series focuses on Vicki Nelson, who was forced to resign from the Toronto police force because of a degenerative condition affecting her eyesight. Over the course of this first book, now a private investigator, she takes on a case that leads her to partner with a sexy 400+ year old vampire to make sure a Demon Lord doesn’t take over the world.

Okay, it sounds a little hokey, but as a book and a TV series in actually plays really well. And, as you would expect, the book carries a lot more nuance that the TV series did (Lifetime axed the series, even relegating the last two episodes to their website). The writing is crisp and the plot is well executed, mixing typical procedural P.I. fiction with elements of the occult. It was a fun read, and quite different from my usual. I have the second Blood Ties book on the shelf and I’ll be getting to that quite soon to pick up the adventures of Vicki and Henry.

Up next: Love is a Mix Tape: Life and Loss, One Song at a Time by Rob Sheffield.