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When we moved into our Manhattan apartment back in 2002, we got cable TV for the first time since 1999 and with it we were introduced to Boomerang, a spin-off channel from the Cartoon Network that showcased mostly older cartoons. We fell in love with the “Boomeraction” block that would take over the network on Sunday afternoons. This had classics like Johnny Quest, Superfriends, Thundarr The Barbarian, Valley of the Dinosaurs, Birdman & The Galaxy Trio, Shazzan, Herculoids, Space Ghost and Dino Boy, The Impossibles, Frankenstein Jr. and The Perils of Penelope Pit Stop. We could easily do nothing on a Sunday afternoon but watch these cartoons.

It’s sad these days because Boomeraction only shows up for very small blocks of time now and it’s always a treat when we run into either a standalone show or a number of them strung together (these days Valley of the Dinosaurs is showing up on Sunday afternoons and Thundarr shows up late night weekdays).

Here’s a sample of Boomeraction shows for you with intros to four of my all-time favorites:


Valley of the Dinosaurs