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It was a losing night for my teams last night.

The Tigers played first, losing 1-5 to the mighty Hotshots. It was a fun game though, another one where the Tigers never gave up. We had Gregg in net last night, so that was different and he made some awesome saves to keep us in that game. Unfortunately, the Hotshots can over power our defense at times because some of those players are really sharp. I was down on the ice a lot last night, working to block shots or diving to get the puck moved (one time I dove over/on top of Gregg to get a puck moved that he couldn’t get to).

The Wizards also lost last night to the Sled Dogs (2-6) in a game that if we’d won would’ve likely clinched the playoff slot. We seemed one step behind the Dogs most of the night. Combine that with two errors that had us essentially putting the puck in our own net, we just couldn’t catch up. I played wing last night and had a hard time finding my rhythm there. I think I did okay… at least no one seemed to complain and there were a couple compliments.

Ronnie’s was insane yesterday. It turned out yesterday was the last of the 4am’s for the season and there were a crazy amount of people there. A lot of those people were newcomers. I’m not sure where the recruiting effort came from, but it brought some high level players. The scrimmage felt like I’d been dropped into a D5 game. It was completely over my head, but it was very competitive and I had to work hard to keep up.

Next week is the last three-game-Saturday for the season. The Ordinals will be playing the first of the season ending games and hopefully we’ll keep ourselves in D7B. The Moose’s surprise victory against the Canucks last week doesn’t help that cause. Luckily I know they fell to the Hitmen last night so that keeps them at bay for another week. Right now all that separates us is our plus/minus.