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The 80s were great for a lot of things, especially dancing at the movies. In the span of just five years we had three iconic movies: Flashdance (1983), Footloose (1984) and Dirty Dancing (1987). I, of course, loved them all.

Flashdance was the story of a welder/stripper who really wanted to be a dancer. She managed to follow her dream all the way to ace’ing her entrance exam to a prestigious school. What a feeling!

Footloose broke down the religious and conservative barriers and reminded everybody that a little dance is a good thing. Everybody cut loose!

Dirty Dancing was a flash back to a bygone era, the family vacation in the Catskills and the good girl discovers love and dance in one unforgettable summer. Nobody puts baby in a corner because she’s out for the time of her life!

(finale and “Maniac”)


Dirty Dancing finale

I loved all of these movies and saw them all in the theater multiple times, especially Dirty Dancing. The soundtracks remain in heavy rotation on my iPod and I’ll stop and watch the movies whenever I see them on cable and sometimes certain scenes just have to be played on DVD. We need more movies like these… I think only the High School Musical and Step Up movies are capturing this sort of musical and dancing excitement these days (and I don’t count Broadway musicals that become films… I’m talking original, for the movies, entertainment). I hope the success of those franchises brings out more of the same.