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It was a fun and busy day yesterday.

In the morning it was off to Long Beach, Long Island to participate in the Hockey: The Musical fundraiser. The NYCGHA vs. Straight Arrows was a fun, competitive game. We lost 2-1 after getting the first goal and keeping the lead until 3 minutes into the second period (it was a two period game). The Arrows picked up the second goal with about 3 minutes to go in that period and, despite our best efforts, we could not get the score tied up to get into overtime. It was a fun trip. The songs we got to hear from the show were great (and one even gave me goosebumps). Everyone who went seemed to have a great time too. Who knows, maybe we can do a rematch some time. As soon as I get the pics that were taken yesterday, I’ll post them here.

After the game, Peter drove Robb, Daniel and I back to the city and boy did we hit traffic. Robb and I were coming back with Peter because we all had a 5:30 Wizards game. Unfortunately we didn’t hit the ice until late in the second period. Luckily we had a fairly full bench and Vince was able to snag a goalie. The Wizards won 6-0 and snagged a place in the playoffs.

The Ordinals faced the Canucks last night in our regular season finale. Like most Canucks games it was a bit of a bloodbath as we lost 9-3. From my point of view, the score should’ve been closer because we had a fair number of shots on Mitch, but we just couldn’t convert the shots into goals. And from a defensive point of view, the Canucks overtook us as they normally do. Hopefully for next season we’ll improve our defense even more. This season saw us make some great strides, perfect to build on. Unfortunately, this dropped us into last place in the division. We tied the 7th place Moose in points and plus/minus so it got down to our goals against and we had six more than they did. Ugh!

The Tigers played at the same time as the Ordinals last night, so I couldn’t be there. They lost to the Rockets last night 2-1, but the playoff spot was already locked in.

Speaking of the Rockets, the injury incurred during last week’s game is healing. The bruise were the fist landed in my back is a lovely yellow and I still have some red marks showing the impact of the stick.

Not much hockey next week because of the Easter weekend. I’m planning on hitting Ronnie’s on Saturday morning and that will probably be it.