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The NYCGHA is in The New York Times today in an article that talks about homophobic beahvior at New York Rangers games. You can go to the NYT website to read “When Tradition and Taunts Collide: Gay Hockey Fans Criticize Garden” (you’ll have to be logged in to read it, but registration on the site is free).

Update: The story also got pickup on 1010WINS talk radio as well as Huffington Post,, FanNation (a site run by Sports Illustrated and CNN)and Dan Savage too (it looks like The Times put the story on AP). The scary/sad thing in reading some of these other postings is that within the comments sections you can see people saying the gays should just deal with it because that’s just the way things are. Think about it, if this was about a racial or cultural slur being made consistently at a Rangers game, people would be all over that to get it to stop. But, since it’s just about “the gays” it doesn’t really matter. *Sigh*