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It’s always great to find a new place to eat and we made a great discovery today. I got turned on to Dell’Anima by hockey friend Jamie, who I saw last week for the first time in months. While we were catching up, he mentioned that he was a partner in a restaurant that opened in October and that they had just started serving brunch that weekend. We are always on the lookout for new brunch places, so I took down the information and Will and I, along with Wizards teammate Jonathan, went there today.

It was amazing! They serve family style and you get six dishes for the table: scrambled eggs, homemade sausage, pancakes, broccoli rabe, polenta and salad… plus some yummy bruschetta with a ricotta/honey/pinenut spread. It was all fantastic and Dell’Anima lands on our favorite brunch list. According to Jamie, over time there will be new dishes too. The eggs, sausage and pancakes are core to the brunch, but the other three dishes will change up based on what’s in season.

If you’re in the NYC area, you’ve got to check this place out!

After brunch, the weather had improved (mostly because the wind finally let up) so we ran some errands, which took us on a nice spring walk. Much to our delight we ran into the first ice cream truck of the season! Very appropriate since spring started this week. We indulged in our favorites (cherry dip cone for Will and strawberry shake for me) and that capped the outing very nicely.