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Kudos to CBS for living up to its promises with Jericho, the post apocalyptic drama they canceled last year only to bring it back after a fan uprise.

CBS brought it back for seven episodes and promised to give the show a solid ending. It came back seven weeks ago, stayed in the Tuesday 10pm time slot and ran its course (ending last night).

It was good closure with all the major storylines wrapped. As a consistent viewer I was very satisfied with the short season and the conclusion. (My only question is what Daniel Benzali’s character was up to… Unless I missed something he just evaporated mid season. But this didn’t really matter in the long run.)

I am hoping they put the alternate ending on the DVD. CBS asked for two endings: a cliffhanger in case it became popular enough for a third season and another that would totally wrap it up (which is what aired). I am, of course curious where the cliffhanger would’ve taken it.

There’s still room, even with the aired ending, for a third season if another network wanted to give it a go (reruns just started on Sci-Fi, so who knows). But in a TV landscape where shows evaporate after a single airing, CBS should be commended for doing right by the fans.