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The Wizards wrapped up their fall season last night with a huge loss to Hegemony (0-8). The higher the score got, the more the team seemed to fall apart. We had bursts where it seemed like we’d at least get on the board, but it just never happened. At least we got to playoffs though, and that was excellent! I’m looking forward to another season with the Wizards when the new season starts in mid-April.

The Tigers had the story of the night. After a devastating 1-10 loss to the Sled Dogs back in late February, the Tigers roared against the Dogs last night to win the first round playoff game 3-1. The Dogs scored first, but we kicked it up in the second period with Mikey making a beautiful goal to get us evened out. In the third period we picked up two more to advance to the finals. I believe this our Tigers first appearance in the finals since our Fall 2003 victory. Next week we go against the Hotshots in the first of a best-of-3 series. GO TIGERS!

In other news… After the Wizards game, Jeff Kagan and I were interviewed for CBS News on Logo as a follow up to last week’s New York Times’ story on the homophobic slurs tossed around at Rangers games. That is supposed to air tomorrow night on Logo at 7pm.