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On Dancing with the Stars this week one of my very faorite dance troupes performed: The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre. I first discovered them when I was in college and they performed at the University of Alabama. I was blown away by the choreography, the music, everything. It is simply some of the most amazing dance I’ve ever seen. Beyond seeing the at the University, I’ve seen them on tour and TV a couple times and yet have never seen them in their home base of New York.

The performance of a portion of the classic “Revelations” during DWTS this week was not only the best use of the Macy’s Stars of Dance segment, but a reminder of how much I’ve missed seeing this troupe. When they play in New York, I’m going to have to go and let Will be introduced to the amazing show they put on.

For your Friday enjoyment, here is the performance from this past week’s DWTS. There is such a story in this dance. Just watch the women with the fans… no words between the performers but such a powerful story.