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Disappointing night for the Tigers, losing to the Hotshots 1-7 in game one of our best-of-3 playoff series. We had some great offensive pushes and lots of shots… Peter definitely had to work this afternoon. Unfortunately, the Hotshots offense moves very well and could overwhelm our D, especially if the forwards weren’t helping to break up plays in the neutral zone.

Through it all though, I was pleased with the game I played. My D was solid and I wasn’t on the ice for any of the goals scored against us and I was out for the one goal we did score. In fact it was a pass up from me that started that whole thing, although not an official assist since the puck was passed three or four times before the shot went in.

Ronnie’s was good this morning. Good drills all the way around. Weird scrimmage. Only Tommy (in net) and I seemed to be playing any kind of positional hockey. The rest of the guys on my line seemed to be all over the place. Plus there were green jerseys and white jerseys on both teams and that made it extra tough to make sure you were clearing to the right person. Still fun though. Met a new guy, Michael, as well who is about four months into his hockey career. Nice guy… will be fun to play with him at Ronnie’s over the coming weeks… and maybe get him on to one of the NYCGHA team as well.