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After last week’s 1-7 loss to the Hotshots, the Tigers came back strong this week, scoring the first goal in tonight’s second game of the championship series. Unfortunately, that was our only goal as we lost 1-3 tonight. However, the team played incredibly. We suffered a couple of just plain bad plays for the last two Hotshots goals.

It was a blast to see the team fight so hard for everything. We kept at it and right up to the end I felt like we could get the game tied up. It was a proud night to be a Tiger.

Gregg was so awesome post game too as he distributed very cool Tiger mugs, with little stuffed Tigers in them and custom orange and white M&Ms with “Go Tigers!” and “Grrrrr” on them. Very cool! And it will make a great tea mug for work too.

We picked up silver medals to mark our 2nd place standing for the season… a nice addition to my bling collection.

So the season is completely over now and next week is the off season as Spring/Summer 2008 gets underway April 26. For the season I’m definitely with the Ordinals and Wizards and I’m looking for a slot in D8 since my desire to be an alternate will keep me off an NYCGHA team. I’m looking for a slot and we’ll see if anything comes through… I am hopeful for another three team season.