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Spring time… it’s been a gorgeous week this week and that’s had me thinking about outside a lot. The outside has moved my thoughts to the film Out of Africa (no one said my mind worked in the most logical of ways). This film has some of the most gorgeous outdoor photography of any film I’ve ever seen. Of course the film is far more than scenery, it’s an epic love story between a headstrong baroness trying to make a go at living in Africa and an equally headstrong hunter who falls in love with her… but they both have a hard time finding a way to be together

This 1985 film is, of course, a classic having won seven Oscars including Best Picture. Meryl Streep was nominated, but lost to Geraldine Page (A Trip to Bountiful, for her role as the baroness. She is sublime in the film as she plays her character’s emotional journey to perfection. I can’t recommend this film highly enough so enjoy a pleasant spring day with an extraordinary film.

Speaking of outside… here’s one of the best outdoor scenes of the movie as the baroness takes her first ride in an airplane.