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This headline on Towleroad this afternoon: “Birmingham Woman Calls 911 Over Two Guys Kissing in Public.” Since I used to live in Alabama—I lived in Tuscaloosa and visited Birmingham a lot because they are so close. I’m stunned anyone would call the police over such a mundane thing. It was a setup for a segment on ABC’s 20/20 tonight.

Here’s a bit from the Towleroad article:

Tonight’s show (at 10pm EST) is about how folks on “Main Street USA” react to the sight of gay PDA. They did the experiment in two locations — Verona, NJ, and Birmingham, AL.

One woman in Birmingham, Alabama apparently called 911 when she saw the two guys kissing:

Operator: “Birmingham Police operator 9283”

Caller: “We have a couple of men sitting out on the bench that have been kissing and drooling all over each other for the past hour or so. It’s not against the law, right?”

Operator: “Not to the best of my knowledge it’s not.”

Caller: “So there’s no complaint I could make or have?”

Operator: “I imagine you could complain if you like ma’am. We can always send an officer down there.”

Positively stunning and disturbing! In my opinion, the woman (who apparently did ask for an officer to be dispatched) should have received a fine for wasting police resources.

Read the whole story on Towleroad.