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The Spring 2008 hockey season kicked off Saturday night and I had games with both of my spring teams last night.

The Wizards started the evening for me. It was a decent game for me, with one major flub. I managed to cause the one goal the Hornets got against us. I was working on a penalty-kill clear and managed, instead of getting the puck out of the zone, to put it right into the slot giving a Hornets player the perfect shot. *Sigh* Otherwise, the game was great as the Wizards won 3-1, giving a solid start to the new season. I think it’s going to be a good season. The Wizards only picked up a couple new players and they are people who are known, like Danny.

The Ordinals have a similar situation were we don’t have any new players on our roster, which is great because it limits the unknown factors. We looked pretty solid last night against the Moose in a very competitive game. Our biggest issue seemed to be that we over played the puck sometimes, especially in our defensive zone. If we can fall into a good, consistent passing game we should find ourselves in good shape for the season.

We took the game to an overtime shootout and ultimately won 6-5. This is after we gave up a 2-goal lead in the game twice. And that’s where we need to tighten up, in the overall defense/puck clearing department.

I felt like my play was decent in both games last night. I had good speed, allowing for a breakaway in the Wizards game. I didn’t convert a goal there but I did generate some offense, which I enjoyed. In the Ordinals game I found myself freezing a couple times, taking too long to move the puck. I’m not sure what that was about, but it happened a few times and I need to make sure I don’t fall into that often.