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Quite the night in the Dancing with the Stars ballroom! Everyone had to do a ballroom and a Latin dance this week so everyone was working hard. For Crisitan it was a little two hard as he pulled a muscle midway through his samba and ended up going to the hospital.

Here’s the rundown of tonight’s dances. The couples are in the order of their initial performance:

  • Marissa & Tony:(Ballroom: Tango) Marissa nailed this tango. She not only played the part well, Tony created excellent choreography. It was fab and it was great to see her rack up her best scores yet: 9-9-9. (Latin: Rumba) Here was a sexy, romantic Marissa. She was so fluid and made fantastic lines. It was more sensual that I expected. She really had a great night all the way around. Way to go Marissa!
  • Cristian & Cheryl: (Ballroom: Vineasee Waltz) Cheryl created a beautiful dance no doubt about it. I felt like there were some missteps midway through, but the judges didn’t seem to call that out. (Latin: Samba) Even before Cristian got hurt, I felt like this was awkward, especially the samba rolls. Beyond the rolls, he also looked odd when they were out of hold. Unfortunately, we didn’t see how it ended. About 20 seconds before the end, Cheryl fell back into him and then he was hurt and struggled to continue to the end. After an extended commercial break he got low scores (7-7-7) and headed to the hospital.
  • Kristi & Mark: (Ballroom: Vineense Waltz) Another waltz and more weeping for me. Mark out did himself with the choreography here. So beautiful and romantic. And the drop to the floor the Kristi did and Mark caught was amazing. I was stunned it didn’t score higher. (Latin: cha cha cha) Wow! Another Mark special here with the choreography. It was fast and exciting, and apparently a little too hip-hop for Len. As soon as the judges were done I turned to Will and said “10-8-10” and that’s exactly what happened.
  • Mario & Karina: (Ballroom: Foxtrot) I’m mixed on this one. They missed a hand-hold in the middle and it looked awkward and Mario never seemed completely comfortable when he was in-hold with Karina. (Latin: Mambo) The end seemed to come a beat too late, but on the whole this was fluid and loose. Enjoyable, but not remarkable.
  • Shannon & Derek: (Ballroom: Tango) Excellent choreography and performance. Completely loved it. They blew the second exchange of the hat towards the end, but it was among Shannon’s best dances. (Latin: Mambo) Hot, hot, hot! Shannon found her hips (apparently because of some prosthetic additions to her rear) and the judges noticed. Len said she had a “bionic bum.” The dance was great. And, of course, Derek caught my attention as he ripped his shirt open to reveal his fantastic chest (these seems to be a trend lately and I hope it continues).
  • Jason & Edyta: (Ballroom: Quickstep) Stunning! He danced big for Carrie Anne and it paid off. The best of the ballroom dances (yes, even over Kristi’s waltz). He had the jump over Edyta at the beginning and it was off and running. Fantastic. I’ve no idea why Len only gave it a 9 when the others chimed in with 10s. (Latin: Paso doble). What fun… a paso to the Monday Night Football theme. It terms of unexpected, right up there with Cameron dancing last season to the Superman theme. Jason and Edyta nailed it…almost. I don’t understand why she had to pick her foot up in the final spin… the cost them points in would might well have been another run at 10s.

Best dances: For Ballroom it goes to Jason and the Quickstep (as noted above). In Latin I go with Kristi. For the bottom two… it’s hard this week. I thought Mario was weak and since he was bottom two last week I’ll go with him. I also think Cristian will be there because he had such low judges scores. Going home: I’m actually going to pick Mario because I just don’t think Cristian will be sent home on a week that he got injured.

Results show update: Ouch! Much sadness as there will be no more shirtless Derek. The voters spoke and sent Shannon and Derek packing. It’s a shame since she did so good last night. I completely blew the predictions across the board with Shannon and Marissa ending up in bottom two. It’s going to be so hard from here since everyone is dancing so well. Rest of the show was good. Who knew you could paso doble to “Pour Some Sugar On Me”!?! I’m glad Cristian will be able to continue. Hopefully he will not hurt himself more. The fact he’s continuing AND needs surgery seems dangerous to me. Next week DWTS celebrates show 100 on Tuesday night. Yay!