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In the second game of the spring season the Ordinals crashed against the Knights with a 3-6 loss. It was a rough game for the Ordinals. We couldn’t seem to get into a good rhythym last night. We were occassionally bunched up; we weren’t talking much to each other and the defense made some bad choices.

All of that added up to a poor game. We did show flashes of good Ordinals play while we were in the offesnive zone. But there we fell pray again to the poor communication and not paying attention to who was open. Too offten there were open players, with clear shots that were ignored. It’s disappointing given the talent that’s on the team right now. We’ve got to find a way to make this mesh.

For myself, I felt like I played poorly for the second week in a row. I’m not sure what’s going on with me in Ordinals games, but I’m overthinking and not moving fast enough to make plays. I’ve got to get out of this plateau quickly becuase it’s not doing the team or me any good.

Meanwhile, the Wizards played in the afternoon yesterday (I didn’t make that game becuase Will and I were seeing Cry-Baby). I’m happy to report that the Wizards won 5-2 yesterday!

Next week, only a single game as the Ordinals take on the tough-to-beat Hornets.