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The Ordinals had a rough night with an 8-2 loss to the Angry Hornets. Meanwhile, the Wizards extended their season record to 3-0 with a 3-2 overtime shootout win against the Sled Dogs.

For the Ordinals we fell into our unfortunate pattern of getting to heroic when the score is against us. At the end of the second the score was a tight 3-1. Unfortunately things got more and more out of whack for us, as often happens we the team slips into the mindset of aggressive play that pulls us out of operating as a team unit.

I had a fun time playing. Given the configuration of players, I moved up to center the third line and had a good time there. I haven’t played forward for the Ordinals in a while and it was a nice change of pace and I felt pretty good doing it. The plus/minus situation here for the night was pretty good with the eight goals against on the board. I know I was out for one that we put in our own net and I might have been out for another. It sort of all blurred together.

The Ordinals have got to find their rhythm. We’re trying to get a practice going for next week after the late game. Ideally this will help us gel as a unit. We’ve got so much talent this season, we’ve got to harness it because we should be doing better than we are.

The later Wizards game was a pleasure to be a part of. The Sled Dogs came out swinging and we met them swing for swing. I was out for both goals against, and was also out for one of the goals scored. So not the best plus/minus possible, but this was a fun game and the team worked so hard. The second goal scored was painful for me because I directly helped it happen (if I’d been a Sled Dog it would have been an assist). Beyond that though, I was very pleased with my performance here with some solid passing and defense work.

I have to say Ronnie’s was fun as well. The drills were weird because I kept making mistakes I don’t normally make. Part of why that was happening was revealed towards the end of drills as my stick shattered. I’m guessing the stick was giving way far more than it should, which is why the passes and shots weren’t moving correctly. The scrimmage was a lot more together as I borrowed a stick that was solid, and so was game play which was a great time.