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The Ordinals had a mixed game last night, but we ultimately overcame a three goal decficit to get our game against the Wild Turkeys tied up and then we made the game ours during the five minute overtime period.

Why was the game mixed? Well, we came out strong, racking up the first two goals in the game quickly. The second period was not kind though as we fell behind with the Turkeys taking the score to 2-5. Doug called a well placed time out to rally the team while I talked to the goalie and we went back out and snatched the game back. We tied it up with just a couple minutes left in regulation. At the open of overtime we were relentless in the offensive zone and brought the whole thing home with just under a minute left.

It was awesome to watch us rebound like that. But we still need to address what gets us into that hole. Last night the score ramped up mostly because the defense got too aggressive and allowed breakaways.  Hopefully we’ll be on when we’re back from Memorial Day’s off week because we face the Blizzard.

Meanwhile, in the morning, it was a great Ronnie’s Ice. The drills were fun and the scrimmage was great. It’s been fun playing with some of the new people that are there: Jack, Kevin, Heather, Michael. I’m skipping over that next week because of the holiday, so it’ll probably be just SNS for me next week.